Internships - One week long

Sorry we are booked up for the season.  If you like you can fill in the form at the bottom of the page and if we have any cancellations, we could call you.  

Do you want to learn more about gardening in North Idaho? Do you want to learn how to grow food crops for your family? Are you new to the area or our unique climate?  

McKerracher Family Farm is offering a true hands-on opportunity to watch, learn, and work on an operating farm in the heart of North Idaho. This is a great opportunity where you will learn so much more than you ever could by watching a computer screen (plus you'll get some exercise and make new friends in the process!). For only $51.95, that is about $10 per day to learn hands on and get all your questions asked and answered. 

What we are offering:  We are offering serious, work-minded people an opportunity to learn everything they want to know about gardening in North Idaho. Each Intern will spend four hours per day, Monday thru Friday, for one week.  A full week commitment is required to complete your Internship.

 Intern weeks start the first week in March and go through the middle of May. There is a $51.95 fee if you are successfully chosen.  You'll be working one-on-one with a Master Gardener and other farm staff involved in tasks like seeding, transplanting, soil and bed preparation, pruning, tool tips and usage, harvesting and packing, and season extension techniques to achieve the biggest and healthiest produce yields later in the season.

We do not use any chemicals and we use intensive, no-till growing methods, on our farm. We have six greenhouses, and tasks will vary around the farm depending on that day's weather. This is a working farm, and reasonable physical fitness and a positive attitude is required!

All of our dates are booked.  If you really want to do our one week Internship, fill in the form on the Intern page and we will put you on our wait list and if anything opens up, we will let you know.  

Dates available

March 6 - 10  Booked

March 13 - 17  Booked

March 20 - 24  Booked

March 27 - 31 Booked

April 3 - 7  Booked

April 10 - 14 Booked

April 17 - 21   Booked

April 24 - 28 Booked

May 1 - 5 Booked (Final Week)