Pastured Poultry - Sold Out for 2022! Orders for 2023 begin Feb 15th, 2023

Orders for your 2022 season Pastured Poultry are sold out. Chickens are $4.50 lb. and average between 4 - 5.5 lbs each.  Thank you for supporting local farmers.  New Customers,  sign up for our Fresh Sheet to get notifications for next year. 2023 orders begin Feb 15th, 2023.   Members your 10% discount does not apply to the chicken deposits but will be taken off at pick-up time (off of the total price), if you remind me you have a membership.

We custom raise whole broilers during the spring, summer and early fall to fill pre-specified orders.  As a free service, we can process and dress your poultry in a clean, efficient manner on-site. To assure you of freshness, whole broilers are available only on specified pick-up dates.  You MUST pick up your chickens on the pick-up date you choose or arrange for someone to do it for you.  DO NOT ask me to deliver, we are far too busy and it is not a service we offer. If I have to freeze your chickens there is an extra charge.  If you don't pick up promptly you forfeit your deposit and your chickens will be sold to someone else.  If you can't pick up please don't order.  

Our poultry are raised in small mobile shelters to provide daily access to fresh pasture, sunshine and fresh air.  We feed a balanced ration of fresh non GMO-grain with no medications added.  These naturally healthy chickens will amaze you with their outstanding flavor and juicy tenderness.