Reserve My Spot - 2024 Farm Fresh Club CSA

Our Farm Fresh Club is full and now closed  We are expanding next year's 2024 Farm Fresh Club. We are planning now for more seeds, more plants, more space to plant.     In order to hold your spot as we have limited membership, we have a wait list page.  If you wanted to order but never got the chance and would like to ensure you are notified for next year, this is how to do it.  We are still working out the details of next years membership but we'd like to be able to plan knowing how many people want to order.  We don't want to charge people for membership this far away, but we need some way of measuring interest, so we have a "Reserve my Spot"  page for our wait list for $5.  

You are not bound in any way to sign-up in 2024, but it insures you are first in line for membership.  However this is a non refundable fee if you do change your mind.