Design your Hanging Basket Parties

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Book your "Design your own Baskets party. Groups size from 6 to 25. Put your preferred date in notes and I will call you to confirm.  Deposit holds your booking and are non refundable if you cancel within two weeks of your booking date.  The Organizer gets $1 off per person who they bring with them, up to $20.  Basket Costs are $45.00 each.  Bring your own basket and deduct $7 from the cost. Remember Baskets stay here and grow until it is Frost Free at your home outside.  Then you must come pick it up.  

Booking dates are between April 15th - 29th at 10 am, 2 pm, 4 pm or 6 pm.

April 15th at 2 pm is already booked.

April 18th at 6 pm is already booked

April 29th at 2 pm is already booked

You create your basket with the colors and textures you love to create your own unique basket. On a scheduled day, we supply a 12" hanging basket, potting mix with fertilizer added, and 7 bedding plants.  After you have marked your basket with your name and phone #, we leave it in our Nursery until it is time to put outside, about May 15 - 29, depending on where you live, and then you pick it up.  Baskets are $45.00, you will deduct your $25 booking fee from your final cost.  

We also include a tour of our Market Garden and How to care for your Hanging Baskets all season long.  

We have "Design your own basket" parties starting April 15th.   We will also have starts that you can come pick them up at the Nursery on the Farm,  or our Farmers Market locations.  We have a blast and the baskets are simply gorgeous.  

Available for pick-up on farm only!

Thank you for supporting local farmers.