Native Trees & Shrubs - Western Red Cedar

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Western Red Cedar is a northern Idaho native recommended for reforestation and riparian enhancement. It can reach mature heights of 150’ and 4’ in diameter. The heartwood of the Western Red Cedar is one of Idaho’s most useful and valuable primarily because it resists decay. It is used for almost every purpose requiring exposure to elements such as shingles, fence posts, outdoor furniture, and siding. In the wild, this cedar is found on moist slopes and along stream banks. Western Red Cedar is a fast grower, but it must have ample water.

  Native Conifer

Max Height: 150’

Max Width: 35’

Drought Hardy: No

Growth Rate: Fast

Wildlife Benefits: Large mammals

Uses: Hedge and Reforestation

Plug Sizes Available: 8 cui, 10 cui and 20 cui

Zones: 5-7