Native Trees & Shrubs - Milkweed, Showy

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Showy Milkweed is an Idaho native perennial forb with beautiful, fragrant, rosy-pink,5-pointed star flowers. Showy Milkweed grows 3-5’ tall and spreads rhizomes, forming large clumps. The stems die to the ground each year in winter and grow back each spring. It prefers full sun and is quite cold and drought tolerant after its second year of establishment. This Milkweed can grow in many different soil types and is commonly found in ditches along roads as well as meadows and fields. Planting this species is beneficial (along with other milkweed species) because it is required for the survival and reproduction of monarch butterflies. Monarchs feed on the nectar and lay their eggs on the leaves.

 Native Forb

Max Height: 5’

Max Width: 3’

Drought Hardy: No

Growth Rate: Medium

Wildlife Benefits: Birds and Insects

Uses: Landscaping and Pollinator Gardens

Plug Sizes Available: 10 cui

Zones: 3-10